What is TestNG in Selenium Web-Driver

One of the most Important framework in Software Automation Industry is TestNG. Its open sources and very easy tool. TestNG is a testing framework that overcomes the limitations of another popular testing framework called JUnit. The “NG” means “Next Generation”. Most Selenium users use this more than JUnit because of its advantages. Its helps us different thing while playing with automation of software like reporting, dependencies or much more.

Features of TestNG Framework:

    • TestNG is providing support for parameters.
    • TestNG is supporting dependent methods testing.
    • Configuration is very flexible in TestNG
    • Supports powerful execution model.
    • Embeds Bean-Shell for further flexibility.
    • TestNG has a more elegant way of handling parameterized tests with the data-provider concept.
      • For the same test class TestNG support for multiple instances.
    Extendibility of using different Tools and plug-ins like Eclipse, Maven, IDEA etc.


    • TestNG generate logs
    • Work as parallel testing framework
      • Annotations help tester to set program/function priority easy
    TestNG allowing and support HTML report of execution

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