Software Testing Life Cycle STLC

Software Testing is not a just a sole activity. Basically It’s consist of phases that helps to your software product. These events establish the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).

Requirement Analysis : During this phase, test team studies the requirements from a testing point of view to identify the testable requirements and Automation feasibility for the given testing project is also done in this stage.

OUT PUT OF PHASE: Finalized the Requirement after discussion with all stake holders, Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) and Automation feasibility analysis (if required).

Test Planning: This phase is also called Test Strategy phase. Typically, in this stage, a Senior QA manager will determine effort and cost estimates for the project and would prepare and finalize the Test Plan.

Out Put of Phase: Define Plan/Strategy of testing document and Estimation of Efforts (Development and Testing)

Test Case Development: This phase involves creation, verification and rework of test cases & test scripts. Test data, is identified/created and is reviewed and then reworked as well.

OUT PUT OF PHASE: Test Case Authoring, Automation Scripts and Data Set Building.

Test Environment Setup : Test environment decides the software and hardware conditions under which a work product is tested. Test environment set-up is one of the critical aspects of testing process and can be done in parallel with Test Case Development Stage. Test team may not be involved in this activity if the customer/development team provides the test environment in which case the test team is required to do a readiness check (smoke testing) of the given environment.

OUT PUT OF PHASE: Testing Environment and Smoke Test Results.

Test Execution: During this phase test team will carry out the testing based on the test plans and the test cases prepared. Bugs will be reported back to the development team for correction and retesting will be performed.

OUT PUT OF PHASE: Completed RTM after test cases execution with status and Defect/Bug reports

Test Cycle Closure : Testing team will meet, discuss and analyze testing artifacts to identify strategies that have to be implemented in future, taking lessons from the current test cycle. The idea is to remove the process bottlenecks for future test cycles and share best practices for any similar projects in future.

OUT PUT OF PHASE: Test Closure/Sign off Report and Test metrics with States / Summary Report

Software Testing Life Cycle STLC

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