Interview questions selenium Webdriver

    1. Is Selenium used for Performance Testing also?

Answer: Yes

    1. How to generate Test Reports in Selenium WebDriver?

Answer: Using TestNG and Using Coding

    1. Is Selenium supports Mobile Testing?


    1. Suppose we created some 100 Test Cases on MS Windows, Shall we execute these 100 Test Cases (Same Test Cases) on Linux or Macintosh operating environments?

Answer: Yes with little bit modification

    1. What is the default Browser in Selenium?

Answer: Firefox

    1. Can we execute Tests in Parallel without using Selenium Grid?

Answer: No

    1. Can we conduct Batch Testing in Selenium WebDriver without using any Testing Framework support or Selenium Grid support?

Answer: Yes using Jenkins you can run batch file

    1. Who provides Technical support for Selenium ?

Answer: Selenium org

    1. Is Selenium supports SAP Applications for Automation?

Answer: Yes

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