Interview questions selenium Web-Driver

            • Is Selenium used for Performance Testing also?  
          Answer : Yes
            • How to generate Test Reports in Selenium WebDriver?  
          Answer : Using TestNG and Using Coding
            • Is Selenium supports Mobile Testing?  
          Answer : Yes
            • Suppose we created some 100 Test Cases on MS Windows, Shall we execute these 100 Test Cases (Same Test Cases) on Linux or Macintosh operating environments?  
          Answer : Yes with little bit modification
            • What is the default Browser in Selenium?  
          Answer : Firefox
            • Can we execute Tests in Parallel without using Selenium Grid  
          Answer : No
            • Can we conduct Batch Testing in Selenium WebDriver without using any Testing Framework support or Selenium Grid support  
          Answer : Yes using Jenkins you can run batch file
            • Who provides Technical support for Selenium ?  
          Answer : Selenium org
            • Is Selenium supports SAP Applications for Automation?  
          Answer : Yes
Interview questions selenium Web-Driver

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