Data Sciences Make Software Testing Easy?

In this post I am going to discuss or explain the usage of Data Science in our Software Testing. Basically I recently attend a Talk on Data Science. It was really nice and informative topic for me and hopes so you will also like to hear on it as Tester. This is new concept and in coming days it will helpful and use full to set and find data set for more of our projects. It has new dimension/direction for Software Testers. Though Topic was much bigger and complex, but I try to explain its implementation or relationship with Testing. So here you may find one Use Case that “How to apply or use Data science in Testing Phase or STLC while developing new product or project in software industry. Hope so it will work and would help lot of Testers in understanding the Relationship of Data Science and Software Testing.

Explanation with Example:

“If you want to check which type of User Name and Passwords clients entered on your login page? So you first launch your site as a beta version and got client’s feedback from entering User Name and Passwords from captured log and Now time to set and get or apply Data Science on it to get help from this data set to define new logic or update the code and send live again as proper usage in market”.

Data Sciences Make Software Testing Easy

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