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It is well known theory or philosophy that if someone doesn’t know how programming or not good in coding, then he chooses QA/testing field as a career or take this as if you have no coding skills then you can perform QA easily. This speculation or rumor shows that QA is very easy and facile/uncomplicated work that anyone can do whenever he/she wants to do. But in my point of view or opinion, it is quite opposite.

“I neither think so nor believe in this statement.”

Because in my opinion, one can become a good QA person or Test Guru only if Allah has blessed him with a mind of QA or QA sense by birth. Here I used a word ‘QA Sense’, it means that QA is neither a thing which Allah has blessed to everyone nor everyone can become a good tester.

I have spent almost 7 years in the industry and I still believe that there are still many areas in QA/QC which I need to improve and I believe that you also agree with me that it is a God gifted skill which everyone cannot be blessed with.

A good tester is based on requirements as well as his God gifted skills to check in more depth and find out more dimensions which make requirements more mature. Nothing can make its worth without a proof in this world and I knew that people will not agree with it so I am adding an example for you to understand. Below you may find two images in which we have clear differences in both testers’ testing.

Normal Skill Tester Testing Results:

Normal Tester

Skilled Tester Testing Results:

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Guru Tester

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