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Software testing field has two main Pillars (QA and QC) both have much important for any projects and products. In Quality assurance we have variety of Sub sets in this section we just going to cover Reviewing, Inspection or walkthrough of changes or document. These three are considering as Back bone of software testing industry is a form of testing too – the verification part of the V&V, also called static testing.

Review of SRS:

Cross Check and verify the entire developed requirement using given SRS document

GUI Base Review:

Check spell of all used controls e.g. like Button, Radio button, check box, Fields etc…
Check Alignment of all used controls e.g. like Button, Radio button, check box, Fields etc…
Check and verify Used Controls (Button, Radio button, check box, Fields) handling / working on Forms, in modules etc… Tab sequence of forms

Design / Mockups Review:

Check the Design and match all the forms and modules as per given Design mockup or Design documents if provided with Project.

Design always check at both level:

  • High level Design
  • Low Level Design

Ask Question related to Project/Task/Changes:

  • What is (are) the Problem statement(s)
  • what development team has adopt/Implement the Solution
  • What need to test or what not (Coverage of areas)

User Level Check Review:

  • Check Dependencies of Role/User if exist in your application
  • Check Business Rules if any adopted or implemented
  • Plan and Prices check if you offer different Plan level Products

Product level Check Review:

Check the impact / Dependencies of Change or Project and Task on other dependent Products if needed.

Environment Bases Review:

Check all the targeted environments from audience point of view e.g.  Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

Browser Bases Review:

Dependencies of Browser in case of Web Applications and Check all type of dependencies of Desktop System on cross Platforms and version level if needed e.g. Windows 7, 8, or any required platform.

Performance Fsactors Review:

Perform proper Performance testing including (Stress and Load Testing) or review the status of outcome of Performance testing

Emails Generator Module Review:

Check all the places from where you can send Email from you application randomly

DB Level TestingReview:

  • Check all the Tables with Data integrity
  • Results of Store Procedures if application using any
  • Configuration level bits testing if your application have any 

Security Factors Review:

  • Check Authentication and Authorization of Application
  • All Possible Testing of execution of security Check if needed
  • Login and Logout Functionality if you have any
  • URL Tempering, Cross Scripting or other security test have been performed or not which are required

Setting Bases Changes Review:

Should check Current setting saving and working in case when some new setting are going to adding in your application in running setting forms or new forms

Impact of Change Review:

Cover all areas which have Impact receiving on new changes or ask to fill drill check list of impact coverage testing checklist while in testing phase.

Other Review Points:

  • All possible scenarios regarding the Dates should be checked like Past Dates, Present Dates, Future Dates and Year Change if needed
  • Responsiveness should be verified on devices in changes for which it is applicable
  • Should Follow Company QA process compliance report if you are using any

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